Your Wedding Day

A HUGE day.  For you and your family.  The best day of your life.  Or it should be.  If a Church Wedding is your thing, then fine, have a fabulous day, the Vicar deals with the legal side of your wedding as well as the Ceremonial side.  BUT, if you don't want the Church then you must do the legal side either in the Registry Office or get married in an approved place with a roof!

But there is another way.   If you see your Wedding in two parts.  The legal bit you have to do ..... and then the Celebration and promises which can be done anywhere.


So, use your imagination.  After the short legal part, your Wedding Ceremony can be in your garden, on top of a hill, beside a lake, in fact anywhere you choose.

With you, I can write the perfect Wedding Ceremony, incorporating your life stories, your vows and your children.  Just ring for a chat first.